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Upgrading All Currently Installed Ruby Gems

Upgrading All Currently Installed Ruby Gems

So, I’ve begun playing around with Ruby a bit. I’ve been curious to see what all the hype is around Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I installed Ruby prior to my tinkering because I wanted to follow along with some examples included in a backbone.js tutorial. I notices there have been many updates to Ruby (I was on version 1.9.3p0 and the current stable version as of this post is 1.9.3p194). There have also been many upgrades to the surprisingly long list of Gems I’ve already got installed. There is no straightforward way to upgrade all of the gems at once. However, you can do it with a little knowledge around the OS X (or Linux would be the same in this case) terminal.

The one-line command to upgrade all of the currently installed Ruby Gems is:

sudo gem update `gem list | cut -d ' ' -f 1`

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